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All cars are not created equal. A classic Caddy and a high-tech Audi? Not the same thing. Houses too – similar, in that all houses have windows and doors, but different. So, while insurance policies might look similar (white pages, black ink), the content, service and claims experience with different insurance providers is very different.

Insurance Zone is a short-term insurance administrator and distributor of insurance products designed specifically for individuals, but we’re also known for our different view on insurance… We believe that it can be accompanied by positive feelings, not just negative feelings. We know that it can bring peace of mind and comfort. And we’re convinced there’s power in being prepared.

Our short-term individual insurance products are listed below. 


  1. Insurance Zone Personal
  2. Insurance Zone Flawless 
  3. Insurance Zone Inspire
  4. Insurance Zone Leisure

1. Insurance Zone Personal

Our domestic or personal insurance cover extends to satisfying the specific insurance needs that are associated with household and personal items.


Key areas of cover:

Home : Dwellings, outbuildings and contents cover

Motor : Comprehensive, third party fire & theft, balance of third party options

Personal Accident : In the event of disability or death

All Risks : Standard and tailor-made risk cover for those coveted items

Included in every Personal policy:

  • Accidental damage to buildings or contents
  • Medical expenses incurred by guests
  • Loss/damage to guests’ effects
  • Loss of documents
  • Loss/damage to property belonging to household employees
  • Loss of frozen foods due to power outage or appliance breakdown
  • Loss of cash (once-off for thefts that occur in the dwelling)
  • Veterinary fees & expenses for cats/dogs involved in vehicle-related accidents

2. Insurance Zone Flawless

Insurance Zone’s Flawless product is exclusively designed to meet the unique requirements of the high net worth individual.


Offering personal and professional advice and services, this product is complemented by our usual exceptional calibre of attentiveness and honour. More specifically, Flawless clients can expect a specialised methodology of cover, extensions and a strong and dedicated team, as part of a product dedicated to safeguarding the assets of the discerning individual. 

3. Insurance Zone Inspire

Insurance Zone’s Inspire product caters to the up-and-coming individual, providing all of the peace of mind and security inherent in a bespoke insurance product.


Items of specific importance to the Inspire client are often removed from the home to be used on the go: high-end cameras and video equipment, fashion items, jewellery and watches. These items would usually form part of the All Risks section of a standard insurance contract, but we cover them on an Assets All Risks basis, with limits suited to rising stars, new executives, decision-makers and entrepreneurs.

4.Insurance Zone Leisure

Specifically designed to cover clients’ leisure items, this product can stand alone or be combined with an existing Insurance Zone Policy.



Fishing tackle, water skiing equipment and all general boating equipment & accessories, including:

  • Boats - sail or engine-powered
  • Yachts - sail or engine-powered
  • Catamarans - sail or engine-powered
  • Jet skis
  • Windsurfers - boards & sails
  • Paddle skis


  • Motorcycles - road
  • Motorcycles - off-road (fire & theft and fire, theft & transit)
  • Quad bikes (fully comprehensive, third party fire & theft or balance of third party)


  • Bicycles - mountain & road

Included in every Leisure policy

  • Flat excess structure
  • Track Day cover (at approved track schools) for B, C & D classes for motorbikes
  • Medical costs
  • Key, lock and remote control repair and replacement
  • Tow & Assist services
  • Third party cover for off-road bikes and quads
  • All risks cover for accessories (helmets, fishing rods, etc.)
  • Water skiers' liability
  • Free delivery after repair
  • Participation in organised racing events (bicycles only)

Note: For full details on all our Personal Products, please refer to the policy wording.

All products are underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Limited, an authorised Financial Services Provider.

If you’re looking to partner with an administrator that 'gets' you, Insurance Zone should head your list.

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