One of the many important lessons learnt over the last 18 months is that change isn’t always a bad thing. Now more than ever brokers are re-evaluating existing business practices and how they can adapt their businesses to keep moving forward in an ever-changing world.

Many brokers are also now realizing how challenging it is to go at it alone as individuals, business and families face unprecedented challenges during the pandemic.

This means that the right partnerships have never been more important or more powerful.

With changes to every industry, clients are bringing new and never-seen-before risks to light. Being able to help clients address these risks and cater to these needs elevates the value clients receive from their brokers, deepening the relationship.

Brokers can’t be experts on everything on their own, which is why developing strategic relationships with solution providers, like Insurance Zone, can further secure and strengthen a broker’s trusted-advisor status.

The best partnerships complement each other’s strengths while compensating for any weaknesses. This is why brokers with a strong administration partner are able to provide better solutions to client in evolving business climates.

Insurance Zone has successfully differentiated ourselves through our level of professional attention to brokers and their clients, providing a genuinely personalised service. We are more then just administrators to our brokers, we are partners that add value to their business.

We attend to every aspect of the insurance process from policy inception to claims, so you can be sure that when partnering with us, we provide advice and support in all situations. We also design our own unique range of products and cover, which we’re constantly developing and improving. This means we can offer clients cover in almost every conceivable area of insurance – from cars, cranes and business to vacation homes and everything in-between.

Insurance Zone is an owner-run business, which means we care about your success. With binders for and administered on behalf of many top insurers, Insurance Zone has built a reputation in the industry for being honest and professional, as evidenced by the fact that we often get approached by people in the industry to partner with them.

With all this in mind, maybe it is time to assess, adjust and rethink how your business operates and how partnering with an administrator like Insurance Zone can help with future growth and success.

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