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Retirement Funding

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Retirement Funding

Our Liberty-mandated advisors specialise in providing comprehensive group retirement funding and insurance solutions. We design, implement and administer pension and provident funds, using our experience and understanding of employee benefits to add value to the employer, the fund trustees, and individual members.

Boards of Trustees
  • Insurance Zone Actuaries and Consultants enhances the effectiveness of retirement fund trustees with respect to their fiduciary duties, while offering member communication services to the Board. We enable fitting decision-making for the benefit of fund members.
Employer services
  • Insurance Zone Actuaries and Consultants uses HR and payroll practices to establish a smooth interface between employer and fund service providers (including cost-effective health and wellness solutions). By ensuring the seamless running of the fund, we maximise its value to both employers and individual members.
Member services
  • To provide value to members, we work within the parameters of our relationship with the Board, to ensure that services are complementary to the benefits offered. We also offer full financial planning to individual fund members.

Pension and Product Funds

Liberty Corporate Consultants and Actuaries, on behalf of Insurance Zone Actuaries and Consultants, are responsible for structuring the fund benefits (on a new fund) and reviewing arrangements on any existing funds. This is done every two years, to keep benefits current and to ensure that members get the best from the market.

Investment Strategy
  • Insurance Zone Actuaries and Consultants’ mandated advisors are able to assist fund trustees with defining investment strategies. Regular investment information facilitates decision-making, on issues like investment performance; asset class composition; and return comparisons.
Fund Administration
  • To ensure a smooth administration experience, Liberty acts as the administrator for most of our clients, while Insurance Zone Actuaries and Consultants serves as the principle liaison between the fund, members, the administrator, and insurance companies. In this role, we arrange medical assessments and advise on/assist with entrants and claims against the fund.

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