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Life Insurance, Disability & Impairment cover

Liberty’s world-class life and disability products include lump sum pay-outs to help you to settle debt, as well as an income protection benefit, which can pay you a monthly income in the event of being disabled.

  • Capital Disability benefits protect you against the risk of becoming permanently disabled to the degree that you can no longer work at your regular place of employment.
  • Impairment Cover refers to the loss of function in any part of the body, whether physical, functional or mental. Payment is based on the level of impairment suffered and not on your ability to work.
  • Absolute Protector gives you the best of both worlds, by combining Capital Disability and Impairment under a single benefit. This removes the burden and uncertainty of having to choose the type of cover that’s most appropriate for you.
  • Absolute Impairment, like Impairment Cover, covers a loss of function in any part of the body, whether physical, functional or mental. While Impairment provides you with a percentage of your cover amount depending on the level of impairment, Absolute Impairment will pay out your full benefit amount.
  • Activities of Daily Living. Most disability-type policies cover a specific list of conditions, but Liberty covers a wide range of impairments including the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) catch-all benefit category. This covers you for known and unknown conditions, as long as the impairment impacts on your ability to lead a normal day-to-day life.

Policy Protection Cover

Protect your policy payments in the event of short-lived financial difficulties.

  • Policy Protection cover will pay your insurance premiums when you can’t, keeping your cover and benefits in place.

Income Protection

This comprehensive and holistic income protection solution will protect you in the event that you cannot earn an income due to unfortunate circumstances.

  • Personal Income Protection safeguards your ability to earn a future income.
  • Family Income Protection is dedicated to protecting your family’s income and lifestyle.
  • Business Income Protection ensures that you can continue to cover your business’s overheads. (Find out more about business cover here.)

Dread Disease Cover

Policies customised and designed to pay you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness or experience a trauma-related event.

  • Living Lifestyle is taken as part of your Life Cover policy, which means that a claim reduces the equivalent amount of Life Cover.
  • Living Lifestyle Plus is taken in addition to your Life Cover policy, which means that claiming on this benefit does not affect your Life Cover sum assured.
  • Critical Illness Cover will pay out a predefined amount if you’re diagnosed with one of a number of conditions. The list of conditions offer protection against approximately 32 illnesses.

Liberty Wellness Bonus

Engage in a healthy lifestyle and get up to 40% of your premiums back in cash. Liberty has designed a unique way to reward clients who actively engage in a positive and healthy lifestyle and can demonstrate this through wellness programmes that Liberty recognizes. Clients can potentially earn up to 40% of the qualifying Lifestyle Protector premiums, after the policy anniversary, five years from when the Wellness Bonus benefit commenced.

Savings and Investments

From monthly investments to a lump sum, you want your money to work for you.

Liberty’s investment solutions cater for both conservative and higher risk/reward investors.

Education Builder
  • Save for your child’s education on a monthly or annual basis, with optional features to protect you in the event of retrenchment, disability or death.
Investment Builder
  • Save monthly or annually to reach a future goal, with extra features to safeguard your nest egg if you’re retrenched or disabled.
Investment Plan
  • Invest a lump sum for a minimum term of five years to gain exposure to more than one investment portfolio, on the same investment policy. A minimum investment of R12 500 applies.
Unit trusts
  • Invest in the stock market without brokering it yourself. A unit trust is made up of a group of people who invest collectively in a cash pool that is used to buy specified stocks. Each member purchases a share in the fund and is allocated units according to how much they invest and the trading price of the units.

Retirement Planning

When you stop earning an income, your lifestyle is funded by investments, savings, and pension fund and retirement annuities.

Liberty’s investment solutions cater for both conservative and higher risk/reward investors.

Pension & Provident Fund Preserver
  • is a lump sum investment product that protects the benefits received from your pension or provident fund. A minimum premium of R25 000 applies.
Retirement Annuity Builder
  • is a regular premium investment product with a choice of professionally managed investment portfolios, intended to build capital towards retirement.
Flexible Annuity
  • also using a choice of professionally managed investment portfolios, provides a variable, market-linked income for life with flexible income drawdown options. A minimum premium of R75 000 applies.
Retirement Annuity Plan
  • is a lump sum investment product that creates wealth for a secure retirement. A minimum premium of R12 500 applies.
Life Annuity
  • provides a guaranteed income for life but can be customized for specific needs to the extent that income can be level or increase annually.
Guaranteed Income Annuity
  • provides a regular guaranteed income for a fixed period of time, and can be customized for specific needs.
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