The Insurance Zone Brand gets a Facelift

Over the last 8 years, we have all grown to love the Insurance Zone Brand, for what it stands for, the values we tie to it and the impression it leaves with people.  We connect on an emotional level with a brand, without paying much attention to it rationally. Think about it; we get quite passionate about the brands we have grown to love and can even feel hatred to a brand that has made you unhappy. A good example would be e-Toll/SANRAL – how many people can say they “love” that brand? Harley Tattooetoll_logo

If you are looking for a brand that people identify with and covet, Harley Davidson would rank high up there – there are even Harley enthusiasts that have tattooed the logo on their bodies! That’s true love!


Well, as with all brands, we have evolved. We are a larger, more robust and more efficient outfit than we were when we started out. We now fit into the small to medium size enterprise (SME) and as such, we go up against competitors that are a lot bigger than we are, with deeper pockets, and this requires of us to punch above our weight.

Most big brands have a story to tell. Apple Inc. has at its core (pun not intended,) the aim to make a dent in the universe – that was Steve Jobs’ vision for the brand. General Electric (GE) has over 300 000 employees scattered all over the world and sells over 1000 products, from light bulbs to Jet Engines – the brand stands for innovation and quality. People can identify with the brands they use, and that their parents used – for example, your childhood toothpaste, is still likely to be the toothpaste you choose today. Mrs Balls Chutney, All Gold Tomato Sauce, Levi Jeans and Ego (now Axe) deodorant, will surely conjure up some memories for most of us.

The next chapter of our story is now unfolding. To be seen as credible, professional, efficient, larger-than-life with attention to keeping the ‘human touch’, having a humble demeanour, not arrogant, but sure of whom we are and the value we are able to bring to the table – this is the lasting impression we want to leave with our clients, brokers and the market in general. However, let us not forget our roots – we are a fun-loving, energetic, lively and funky bunch of people, with a passion for exceeding expectations. We like to make people smile. We want to be the highlight of their day.

The new fresher, cleaner lines of our brand evoke those emotions. It makes what we do and stand for an obvious choice. If we dissect the rationale behind the brand, we find that the result is not simply a design made up from a few fonts and symbols, but that there is a conscious decision that brought the various elements into a congruent whole.

We kept the Orange as the dominant colour. Placing it next to the word ‘insurance,’ balances the entire logo, but more importantly, it pushes the orange colour into the forefront; it’s our heritage, our raison d‘etre, it’s our culture.

We hope you will embrace the ‘story’ our brand tells. We are very proud of our history and we are excited about our future. Our new brand reflects who we are; let us remain true to its story.

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