The Magic 89%

Research conducted in October 2013, revealed some fascinating results. We would like to share them with you.

Over 89% of our people are proud to be members of the Insurance Zone team! This makes us very proud. When we arrive at work each day, we go about making sure we are the highlight of your day. We do this through keeping our people smiling, cheerful and happy. We know that if you are happy to be here, you are living ‘Orange.’

Over 95% of our good folk here at Insurance Zone, love the vibe and the atmosphere they experience each day. We work hard at creating an environment that is fun, exciting, vibrant, on the ball, sharp, and switched-on. This is evident when you deal with any of our people. We call it ‘Orange.’

Almost 60% of our people have said they would not want to work anywhere else. They are living ‘Orange.’

More than a massive 87% folk said they would recommend a friend or family member to do business with Insurance Zone! We say kudos to every person in our amazing organisation for this wonderful honour!

We love our people, they love what they do and they love being here. You get the benefit of having a happy and friendly person to deal with.

Imagine, insurance being the highlight of you day? It’s possible because we live ‘Orange.’

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