Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

At Insurance Zone, fairness runs through our veins. It’s what guides us and what sets us apart. Our customers, colleagues and people have come to expect fairness from Insurance Zone at all times and we provide it with pride by ensuring we meet the Six TCF Outcomes.

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is a set of outcomes-based regulatory guidelines designed to ensure that financial services providers treat their clients fairly – it requires fairness to be embedded in the culture and governance of the company, product design and promotion, advice and servicing to complaints and claims handling – throughout the product value chain.

We have looked at every one of the six prescribed outcomes and made it our own by looking for ways to apply TCF, ensuring we deliver more for everyone by building win-win relationships.


Outcome 1: Culture and Governance

Fairness is not just about how we do things. It’s who we are – and we inspire our people and brokers to fly the same flag when they represent us. Our world revolves around our clients and our brokers. Our customers are confident that they are dealing with an FSP where the fair treatment of the customer is central to our culture.

Outcome 2: Product and Service Design

Insurance Zone products are designed to answer real needs for real people. We do our best to understand those needs and to answer them with smart product solutions. We work closely with our people & brokers to deliver these products quickly, simply and fairly.

Outcome 3: Clear Information

When it comes to anything Insurance Zone, always say what you mean and mean what you say. That’s why we need our people & brokers to keep customers posted on the big things and the little things, so that they’re always in-the-know.

Outcome 4: Suitable advice

The clients who contact our people & brokers all have unique stories, dreams, concerns and hopes. Our people & brokers leave no stone unturned to identify these needs, before giving them the targeted, tailor-made advice and suitable Insurance Zone products they deserve.

Outcome 5: Performance and Service

Insurance Zone customers get what they sign up for – sometimes more, but never less. We’d rather spend our time on innovation and growth than coming up with excuses – which is why we keep our promises and treat our customers The Insurance Zone Way, every chance we get. We inspire our brokers and partners to do the same.

Outcome 6: Claims, Complaints and Services

When things go wrong, our people and brokers help us to do what’s right.  Things change. Things go wrong. We get that. So, when Insurance Zone customers want to change their minds, complain or cancel their products, our brokers help us to do whatever we can to set things right.

Together, we can create a financial services industry that serves the needs of clients fairly – and TCF is the benchmark that will get us there.

We trust that you will put our service commitment to the test so that we can show you how seriously we take putting it in writing, and in delivering on its contents.

Let us know if Insurance Zone is living up to the TCF Outcomes by sending us a mail to or you may contact our head-office on 011-601-8800.

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