We are Orange

Orange is our colour. We love Orange. We live Orange. Our culture is Orange. We are Orange.

Culture is a hard thing to define. It’s not tangible but it’s ‘felt’ at an emotive level. We sense culture in different ways. Culture is something each organisation has - good, bad or indifferent.

Sure, there are certain elements that can be touched and seen such as documents that are sent out, emails landing in inboxes, physical offices – the buildings and the interior, the people – how they behave and look and there are many others that will shape your impression of the company culture. However, it’s the vibe, the demeanour, the personality, the characteristics of the people that make up the biggest part of your impression of a company’s culture.

It may sound a little extreme, however, we are comfortable saying this: We have a cult like culture here at Insurance Zone. Our people are evangelists. Customer evangelists. Company evangelists. Brand evangelists. Service evangelists. People evangelists. They live Orange.

The word is out but there is no-one that can compare or match the Orange Culture we own here at Insurance Zone.

It’s not something you will be able to easily explain but that you will definitely ‘feel’ – that’s why we call it Orange.

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