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At Insurance Zone, we believe that financial security is the foundation for freedom

It’s the peace of mind knowing your loved ones will be cared for, and the confidence to pursue your dreams without fear. But navigating the world of life insurance can feel overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

We’re your wealth partner, dedicated to understanding your unique needs and goals. Whether you’re starting a family, planning for retirement, or saving for something special, we work with you to find the right life insurance solutions that secure your future and unlock your potential.

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Education Savers

Knowing that you and your family will be financially secure if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness can provide you peace of mind. Get the Living Lifestyle benefit and enjoy the comfort of knowing you’re covered.


  • This cover will pay a lump sum for a claim arising from one of over 150 defined critical illnesses.
  • Top-Up and Extended options may be added to enhance your cover. These two options give you higher pay-outs for lower severity conditions and smaller pay-outs for a broader range of conditions on the lower severity side.
  • We also offer additional cover, designed to protect women against the financial impact of a serious birth related or pregnancy related complications.
Your ability to earn could be considered your most valuable asset. An illness or injury could impede your ability to earn an income. Expenses don’t stop, but your paycheck could. A lump sum disability benefit could bridge the gap and protect your lifestyle. Get peace of mind, not a financial nightmare.


  • Lump sum disability will be paid for any illness or injury that leave you permanently disabled and unable to earn your income.
  • In applying for cover, you may choose between cover for your nominated occupation or cover for any occupation suited to your education, training and work experience.
  • In addition, your lump sum disability benefit may pay out a lump sum if you were to suffer an impairment. An impairment is an illness or injury that results in a permanent loss of a bodily function which does not necessarily need to affect your ability to do your job.

With our Income Protection policies, all your monthly expenses could be covered, should you not be able to work. An Income Protector policy replaces your income if illness, injury, or critical illness strikes. Enjoy flexible coverage for up to age 70, adapting to your changing financial needs.


  • Income Protector provides income protection to both salaried individuals as well as those who are self-employed.
  • With our business overhead expense cover, you can breathe easier, knowing your essential costs are covered even if you’re temporarily sidelined. Think of it as a financial first-aid kit for your business. It bridges the gap, keeping your doors open and your employees paid, while you focus on getting healthy and getting back on your feet.
The unexpected shouldn’t derail your family’s dreams. Mortgages, education, everyday living – life insurance safeguards your loved ones from the financial burden of losing you. It’s not just about a lump sum, it’s about ensuring their financial independence, stability, and ability to fulfill the aspirations you envisioned for them.

Introducing our Life Cover benefit, designed to evolve with your changing needs, just like you do. 

  • Flexible payout: Receive a one-time lump sum or opt for an income stream to support your loved ones over time.
  • Fast access: Get a portion of the benefit within 48 hours, ensuring immediate needs are met.
  • Instant coverage: Enjoy some level of protection even before your first premium is paid.
  • Adaptable sum assured: Use it to settle debts, cover daily expenses, or manage estate costs – you decide.
Planning a funeral isn’t easy, but it can be affordable with a Funeral policy. Protect your loved ones from financial stress with comprehensive cover that’s easy to understand and customise. Get a free quote today and see how peace of mind can be as close as your phone.

Waiting period

  • 6 months waiting period for all covered lives for death due to natural causes.
  • 12 months waiting period for death as a result of suicide.
  • No waiting periods for death due to unnatural causes or when switching from another insurer subject to the insurer’s switching requirements.

It’s a fact that doctors and specialists often charge more than what medical aids cover, leaving patients with out-of-pocket expenses that can reach tens of thousands of Rand. This can be incredibly stressful, especially during a time when you should be focusing on recovery.

Gap Cover takes care of those unexpected medical costs, giving you peace of mind to focus on getting better. It covers shortfalls for both in-hospital and certain out-of-hospital treatments, so you can rest assured that your finances are taken care of.

Different tiers of cover

  • Universal Gap Cover: Your comprehensive shield against medical expense shortfalls. It tackles a wide range of health risks, offering extensive financial security for both individuals and families.

  • Essential Gap Cover:This option covers the most common medical expense shortfalls, providing additional financial protection for select health risks.It’s a budget-friendly choice for individuals and families alike.
  • Optimal Gap Cover: Tailored for individuals under 35, this plan combines high levels of protection with affordability. It’s the perfect stepping stone for your evolving needs.
  • Please note: Gap Cover is not a medical aid or a substitute for medical aid and the cover is not the same as a medical aid.

Boost your retirement savings. A retirement annuity lets you grow your retirement nest egg with tax-free growth and significant tax deductions. It’s the perfect solution to supplement your existing pension or provident fund, or to provide retirement savings if you do not have a pension or provident fund.

Why an RA is for you

  • All or a portion of your contribution may qualify for a tax deduction thereby reducing your tax bill, while the growth in the retirement is tax free.
  • Additionally, because the money can only be accessed at retirement (from age 55), it helps you improve your investment discipline. Your funds are protected from creditors to safeguard your retirement savings.
  • You can invest through regular monthly debit orders, a lump sum investment or a combination of the two.
Start small, grow big with an Investment Builder. Investing can seem daunting, especially if you don’t have a lot of capital. That’s where the Investment Builder comes in. It’s the perfect way to start building your wealth gradually, one affordable monthly investment at a time.

DHere;s why the Investment Builder is a great choice:

  • Easy to start Invest as little as R500 per month, making it accessible even for smaller budgets.
  • Regularly invest  Set up automatic contributions to build your financial discipline and watch your savings grow over time.
  • Tax-free growth  Enjoy tax-free growth on your investment after five years, allowing your money to work harder for you.
  • Flexible options  Choose from several professionally managed investment portfolios to suit your risk tolerance and financial goals.
  • Additional benefits  Some portfolios offer investment performance guarantees and potential fee rebates for larger contributions, giving you added value.

    As a parent, you dream of giving your children the best possible start in life. You want them to have more opportunities than you, to experience more, and to achieve their full potential. But between work, bills, and everyday life, the weight of that future can feel heavy.

    With our education planning solutions, you can stop worrying and start focusing on what matters most: spending quality time with your kids and creating lasting memories.

    Invest in your child’s future

    • Invest in your child’s education from pre-school to university, starting with small monthly contributions (as little as R500!).
    • With add-ons you can guarantee your child’s access to education, even if you’re unable to provide due to disability, critical illness, or passing away.